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Hebei Chinally Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2008. It is an operator engaged in market research, analysis and trading of pesticide raw materials and related chemical intermediates and chemical raw materials. Our company is a leader in grasping market information and market analysis among domestic original drug distributors. In recent years, sales have made rapid progress and become a rising star in the agrochemical industry. Our company's business covers more than 30 provinces across the country. The overseas market has achieved initial results. Its products are mainly exported to the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Arab Republic, and South Korea and Japan.

Our company is mainly engaged in three major series of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, including hundreds of traditional agricultural chemicals and a variety of domestic and international newly developed varieties. The main products are: avermectin, avermectin benzoate, imidacloprid, acetamiprid, nitenpyram, fipronil, chlorpyrifos, pyraclostrobin, phoxim, glyphosate, pyrimidine Bactericidal, carbendazim, chlorothalonil, dimethomorph, pendimethalin, beta-cypermethrin, etc. In addition, our company also undertakes processing orders for various specifications and varieties of original drugs and various preparations (WDG, EC, WP, SC, SL, etc.).


With the joint support of people inside and outside the broad industry, we aim to become larger, more sophisticated, and stronger companies, highlight the brand and operate with integrity, understand customers' needs and desires for products, market segments, and product characteristics, Do market research and careful planning in market positioning and other aspects to ensure that customers can occupy the commanding heights in their respective markets and fields, and find the coincidence point of short-term profit and long-term development of the company.

Hebei Chinally Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is striding forward to higher strategic goals by virtue of its talent advantages and brand advantages. Looking back, we are forging ahead and innovating with a spirit of determination. Looking forward to the future, we are full of passion and vitality. More broad-minded, to meet new glory and challenges!


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